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Sabattus Capital

Wealth Management for the 99%
Our Services
Our advisors eat, sleep, and breathe the stock market.

We understand that finance can be complicated. Our advisors are here to equip you with the tools you need to be an informed investor. Whether you want to invest on your own or you prefer that a professional invests on your behalf, we have what you need.

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Managed Portfolio

Take control of your finances with a professionally managed portfolio. This allows you to be an active investor without having to constantly watch the market or stay up to date on financial news.

“Saints don’t live on Park Avenue.”
Self-Directed Account

If you prefer the hands-on method of investing but desire consultation from an industry professional, this option is perfect for you.

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Financial Courses

Our team of advisors have constructed courses with need-to-know basics covering a variety of topics.

Advisors for a Fraction of the Cost
How We Compare to the Big Names

Charles Schwab

Intelligent Portfolios Premium

  • Robo-Advisor
  • $25,000 Account Minimum
  • $300 Start-Up Fee
  • $30/mo
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Sabattus Capital

Managed Portfolio

  • Human Advisor
  • No Account Minimum
  • No Start Up Fee
  • $30/mo

Strategic Portfolio

  • Human Advisor
  • $50,000 Account Minimum
  • 1.6% AUM Fee
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We understand our clients. We pride ourselves in being accessbile through whatever platform they choose.

Lowest Brokerage Costs
How We Stack Up to the Competition

We strive to provide our clients the best trading capabilities on the market.

  • Lowest Interest Rates

    Our clients have the lowest US margin interest rates. This means that they pay a fraction of what they would with another online broker.

  • Fractional Shares

    Trade the most fundamentally sound companies at a fraction of the cost with our fractional shares feature.

  • Commission-Free Trading

    Our partnership with Interactive Brokers (IBKR) provides our clients access to commission-free trading on US listed stocks and ETFs and the lowest commission on options and bonds.